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Majālis, a term used to refer to social gatherings in Arabic, captures the aromatic nuances experienced in an Arabian cafe. Arab cafes are a culture-rich environment where peers gather to engage in various subjects of discussions, while enjoying baked goods and warm beverages. Upon entering, one is overwhelmed with the rich aroma of Arabic coffee, along with a mixture of dates, full-flavoured roasted nuts, biscuits, pastries and bread freshly taken out of the oven. From the unique practices of these gatherings is the burning of the highest quality of Agarwood incense; the heavenly aroma of which pervades the entire room and diffuses through every piece of clothing. The cornucopia of all of these aromas is what produces Majālis by Zoha Aroma.

Majālis opens warm and gourmand; notes of vanilla, coffee and chocolate make the first appearance. The combination of these notes produce a warm-cozy ambience reminiscent of Arabian winter nights. The gradual shift down the scent pyramid introduces notes of honey and tonka bean, while taming down the notes of cacao and coffee. Vanilla continues to hold strong and intermingles with honey, tonka and amber to enrich the overall composition. Bits of spices are also detectable, allowing the scent to wear lightly and not become cloyingly sweet. Majālis concludes with the iconic note of Oud, though in this case, it is subtle and tamed.

Wear Majalis and embark on an aromatic journey through an Arabian cafe!


Main notes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Honey, Tonka Bean, Spices, Amber, Coffee, Cambodian & Indian Oud.

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Classification: Unisex
Season: fall/winter

Customer Reviews

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Picked this one up over a year or so ago, it's still a firm favourite, very rich and warm. This is the sort of thing I'll choose to wear if I want a warm comfort scent, great for cosy nights in.

Candace C Shellnutt

Like Chocolate Greedy but better

Crystal Woods

I am so in love with this beauty! Gourmand, sweet but not overly so. Great longevity, wonderful silliage. Definitely full bottle worthy.


I really love this one...chocolaty, biscuits, coffee and a few spices. The top and mid notes stay all the way through to the 6hr + mark then eases off a bit while the woods and spices take it to the 10+ hr mark. This is one I really enjoy for myself, I know others around me get whiffs 'coz it projects great but this one I want pretty close to me. It's not sweet either. If you have Token from the inspiration collection, you will like this, it's like coffee, cocao, chocolate added to Token. Solid winter fragrance!


Gourmand lovers dream! Coffee and chocolate symphony with some spices....really exquisite especially for the holiday season! Oud is listed but I don't smell it probably because the other notes overpower it