Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils
Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils
Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils
Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils

Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils

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Try a variety of samples and discover your favourite Zoha Aroma fragrances.

This sample pack includes 12 unique perfume oil samples. 

Sample size: 0.5ml in each vial.

To select the scents, please compile a list of 12 scents and paste it in the notes/comments section during checkout.



    • Please make sure that the perfume oils you select are 'in stock'. If an ‘out of stock’ item is selected, we will replace it with another scent of similar scent profile.
    • The Luxury Collection must be excluded from the selection.

If you forget to mention any details in the comments section during checkout, feel free to let us know via email:


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or social media outlets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ethan Barnstable

While some of the original scents I’ve never smelled, the oils I got from Zoha are very nice. Long lasting and smell high quality. Of the ones I have smelled that are duplicated here, they are sooo close you can barely tell the difference. Will order again once I’ve given some time to these different oils.

Amazing Oils

The oils are of a high quality for sure. They are very close to the original scents, they project and their longevity is amazing.
I can't wait for Zoha Aroma to add to their list more niche names.

Amy Gardner

Sample Pack - Concentrated Perfume Oils

Jose Antonio Juan Paniego
Sample pack

Great opportunity for testing 12 different fragrances.
I will be purchasing some more of the products that this amazing company produces. Amazing quality, price and service.

Branden P
Sample Pack

I'm very glad you offer sample packs of your fragrances. There were a few fragrances in there that I really like and will definitely be ordering larger sizes of in the future.